Waylighter LED

Offering superior egress illumination 18” above floor level, this recessed device can achieve spacing up to 50 feet.

Aperion LED

Aperion LED

Aperion is now available with an LED light source and includes Self-Test, Self-Diagnostics” and all of the standard design features of the current MR11 model.

Aperion MR11


This compact, recessed series provides unparalleled safety without compromising the surrounding architectural design, with spacing up to 85 feet.



Designed to provide up to 150’ feet of lighting, this sleek design blends with its surrounding.

Decor DP

Decor Designer DP

Suitable for wall or ceiling installation, this recessed series provides unobtrusive, self-contained emergency lighting.

Decor DS

Décor Designer DS

Designed for use in suspended grid or lay-in ceiling systems, this device blends with any décor.

Sovereign Edgelit

Sovereign Architectural Edgelit

A distinctive “floating” edgelit look combined with superior quality and performance enhances any interior.

Razor RZR

Razor RZR

Ultra-thin, die-cast aluminum sign features a profile that makes it the ideal choice for low-level installations.

Sentry Recessed

Sentry Recessed

Recessed Flush-mount installation ensures minimal intrusion with a rugged polycarbonate cover ideal for low-level installations.