Escape Route Marking Tapes

Way marker Tape

Waymarker Photoluminescent Adhesive

This thin film photoluminescent adhesive is available in solid and stripe in 1” width x 100′ rolls.

Waymarker Door

Waymarker Door Marker Solution

Doors can be outlined using WTL-1 or WTS- or WTS-1 allowing the installer to custom cut to the lengths required to outline exit door frames.

Waymaker Obstacle

Waymarker Obstacle Marking Solutions

Obstacles can be clearly marked and delineated with WTS-1 and WTS-2 striped photoluminescent adhesive.

Waymarker General Safety

Waymarker General Safety Sign

Versatile, rigid photoluminescent safety signs can be mounted to walls using an adhesive.

Waymarker Directional

Waymarker Directional Indicators

Versatile, rigid photoluminescent directional indicators can be mounted to walls using an adhesive.

Waymaker Door Handle

Waymarker Door Handle Markers

These rigid 4” x 4” PVC photoluminescent square comply with section 1024.2.6.2

Way marker Extruded Aluminum

Waymarker Extruded Aluminum

Product discontinued

Watlighter Marking Strip

Waymarker Marking Strips

Product discontinued

Waymarker Step

Waymarker Step Marker

Product discontinued