LiteMinder Modular Series

Lite Minder

LiteMinder Modular Series
This Emergency Lighting solution represents unsurpassed ingenuity in Fast Transfer, Pure Sine Wave Inverter technology. It provides innovative service for todays complex energy saving systems and light sources,while minimizing maintenance requirements.

LiteMinder Modular Series

Evenlite’s LiteMinder Central Inverter System provides an innovative Emergency Lighting solution for today’s complex energy saving systems, light sources and maintenance requirements. The LiteMinder represents the pinnacle of engineering excellence with features not found in the traditional systems currently available.

A unique web interface constantly monitors the system status and records all essential data. Users can log on, view, interact and download records as needed. The factory can also monitor, remote diagnose and install software upgrades, etc.

LiteMinder features unique inverter modules available in increments of 1.0, 2.2, 2.8 & 3.0 KVA capacities. Modules are interconnected to build the required system capacity, provide Redundancy and can even be field upgraded to increase system sizes.

A key pad and LCD display provides user interface and extensive status diagnostics. Self-test, Self-Diagnostics in compliance with UL 924 stores 1,000 Test, Event and Alarm logs thereby eliminating the need for costly manual test and data recording.

In addition to Self-test, Self- Diagnostics, LiteMinder also includes unique startup diagnostics to aid in installation and maintenance.


LiteMinder Modular Ordering Guide