Remote Fixtures

TSLED Single White


Telesis TS square indoor remote heads are available with MR16 lamps and TSLED are available with 3.3 Watt Mutli-voltage LED MR16 that provide 214 lumens per lamp.


Telesis square indoor remote heads PILED are available with 8 LED’s per head at 1.0 watts or with 1.5 Watt 12 LED’S per head with the HL option.


The ERH Series of remote heads offers a low profile, esthetically pleasing remote head with high brightness MR16 lamps.

L Heads

L Heads can be ordered as remotes only or can be ordered mounted on the Tufflite S&H Series of emergency lights.


PRWLED outdoor remote heads are suitable for use in damp or wet locations and meet NEMA 4X requirements.

Telesis ER4X

The Telesis ER4X MR16 LED remote heads are contemporary styled architectural low profile. Offered with long lasting LED.

WRH Remote Head

The Wet Location remote heads provide the quality construction of the standard vandal series enhanced with a 1/8” thick impact resistant injection molded polycarbonate shield.


HLWR NEMA 4X remote heads are ideal for large open spaces such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities or any area that requires high lumen output with excellent spacing to mounting height ratios.