Emergency Lighting

Not all Emergency Lights are created equal. Introducing the Curve, a pinnacle of innovation in Emergency Lighting LED technology. With its patented concealed LED light sources seamlessly integrated into the subtle curves of its housing; this groundbreaking solution not only enhances life safety but also revolutionizes emergency illumination in retail and office spaces, lighting the path for a safer tomorrow.

At the heart of emergency lighting systems are our forward-thinking inverter systems. We have optimized our inverter series, single-phase offering from 13.3 kVA to 17kVA and our three-phase offering from 18kVA to 33kVA. Evenlite takes our proven reliability a step further by adding Lifeguard, the FREE, user-friendly, cloud-based monitoring system we incorporate into each inverter offering. Experience the future of lighting technology with our wide range of inverters and unlock a world of unparalleled efficiency.

Exit Signs

 An exit sign is simply an exit sign, right? Incorrect! Matching the right exit sign with the correct application is the ONLY 100% safe solution. Since 1993, Evenlite has pioneered exit signs improvements, offering aesthetically pleasing designs with smart, self-luminous, patented LED technologies. The Sovereign II, highlighted here, sets the standard for architectural appeal. Just like our other exit signs, the Sovereign II offers cost-effective configurations with superlative quality, performance, and aesthetics. Our exit signs are utilized throughout the country by government, educational, entertainment, technology, and high-profile facilities like the Minnesota Vikings’ US Bank Stadium.

The Leading Provider of
Emergency Lighting Solutions

When it comes to creating our products and accessories, Evenlite’s guiding philosophy is that there’s no reason emergency lighting need be unsightly. We always endeavor to strike a unique balance between big picture design and the smallest technical details. Our dedication to aesthetics helps us develop products that meet and even exceed life safety standards while also preserving the designers’ architectural visions.

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