Central Inverter Systems (All LED Compatible)

Seismic Certified from 125W to 18K

LiteMinder Modular Series Single Phase
1KVA - 12,500KVA

LiteMinder Modular Series are interconnected to build the required system capacity from 1 KVA to 12,500 KVA capacities, and can even be field upgraded to increase system sizes!

VA Rating: 1K-12.5K

LiteMinder Modular Series Split/Two Phase
2200KVA – 12,500KVA

Evenlite’s LiteMinder Split and Two Phase Central Inverter System provides an innovative Emergency Lighting solution for today’s complex energy saving systems, light sources and maintenance requirements from 2200 KVA to 12,500 KVA.

VA Rating: 2.2K-12.5K

LiteMinder Modular Series Three Phase
3000KVA – 18,750KVA

Evenlite’s LiteMinder Three Phase Central Inverter System features unique inverter modules available in increments from 3.0 to 18.75 KVA capacities.

VA Rating: 3K-18.75K



The LiteMinder central inverter system has been designed to give users unparalleled ease-of-use, with powerful functionality.

VA Rating: 325W-525W


Introducing a new wave in inverter versatility and dependability – the PWII. Built upon our industry proven PW-series, the PWII emergency dimming inverter offers three independent dimming zones with DALI/0-10V dimming compatability and field-selectable pre-set dimming levels for each output.

VA Rating: 125W-250W

Pure Wave Mini

Pure Wave Mini

Evenlite’s PW mini is available in capacities of 125 and 250 watts and is packed with cutting edge features.

VA Rating:  125W-250W

EMS Emergency Micro Power Inverters

EMS Emergency Micro Power Inverters

The EMS Series is designed to provide 20- to 55- Watts of emergency power to incandescent, fluorescent, and/or LED fixtures.

VA Rating: 20W-55W

Pure Wave Mini Inverter RT

Pure Wave Mini-inverter RT (125W-250W Units Only)

Remote Test Switch and Monitor option allows the user to fully monitor the status of the sine wave inverter from a remote location.