Peace of Mind never looked so good!

The Lite-Minder Central Inverter System is a sophisticated, versatile, and cost-effective unit that exceeds the features of any comparable system currently available on the market. It has been designed to give users unparalleled ease-of-use, with powerful functionality previously reserved for much larger systems.

The included UL-924 approved Self-Test/Self-Diagnostics features a scrolling LCD display that provides eight points of critical system status events.


Specification Sheets
Installation Instructions
Brochure/Warranty/Typical Wiring



  • Advanced startup diagnostics which protects the unit at initial startup by performing several checks for common installation errors
  • Pure Sine Wave output-LED compatible and for all lighting loads
  • Fast Transfer System
  • An interactive LCD display for easy access to information
  • Programmable settings allowing you to personalize to your needs
  • Very high, 4x overload rating ensures that even the most demanding loads will start up
  • Three distinct output types for field flexibility
  • Self-Diagnostics that retain critical data logs, saving you time and money
  • Audible diagnostic alarm
  • Small foot print fits easily in electrical room or closet, or can be mounted to the wall
  • Plenum rated
  • No factory startup required
  • Tested and Listed by U.L. to UL924 and Canadian Standard
  • C 22.2 No. 141-10
  • 10 year Lead Calcium or optional 20 year Pure Lead Batteries
  • New York City approved, Calendar Number 51575

  • Voltage: 120 or 277 VAC Model dependant
  • Current: 4.2A (120V), 1.8A (277V) for 325/375 Watt Model
  •               5.8A (120V), 2.5A (277V) for 525/550 Watt Model

  • Frequency: 60Hz +/- 2 Hz
  • Protection:Input circuit breaker with KLK fuse in series for easy selective coordination with upstream feed breaker
  • Power Factor: 0.5 lead to 0.5 lag

  • Type: Valve-Regulated sealed Lead Calcium, 10 year design life, Upgrade to Pure Lead with 20 year design life available
  • Charger: 3 rate with Temperature Compensation
  • Recharge Time: 24 Hour recharge standard
  • Runtime: 90 Minutes, initial margin of 125 percent at 25 deg. C, 2 Hour Runtime optional
  • Protection: Automatic Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) set at 1.67 VPC, Automatic Restart Upon Utility Power Return
  • DC Voltage: 24 VDC Nominal, 2.27 VPC float, temperature compensated
  • DC Current: 24 ADC nominal
  • Pure Lead batteries used with 325 VA system are CSA and UL924 listed, when used with 525 VA system are UL924 listed only

  • Voltage: 120 or 277 VAC model dependant
  • Current: 2.7A (120V), 1.17A (277V) for 325 Watt Model
  •             3.13A (120V), 1.36A (277V) for 375 Watt Model
  •             4.38A (120V), 1.9A (277V) for 525 Watt Model
  •             4.59A (120V), 1.99A (277V) for 550 Watt Model
  • Frequency: 60Hz +/- 0.02 Hz crystal controlled during emergency mode
  • Overload: 120 percent for 10 minutes, 400 percent for 200 msec
  • Transfer Time: <2 msec as standard or can be factory adjusted
  • Output Distortion: Less than 3% THD
  • Crest Factor: 4 for 525/550 W Model, 6.5 for 325/375 W Model
  • Load Power Factor: 0.5 lead to 0.5 lag
  • Protection: Optional circuit breakers
  • Output Types: Normally On, Normally Off and Switched* (Maintained) Outputs

  • Operating Temp: 20 to 30 degrees Centigrade
  • Storage Temp: -20 to 70 degrees Centigrade (Electronics) 0-40 degrees Centigrade (Batteries)
  • Relative Humidity: <95 % (non-condensing)
  • Plenum Rated

  • Cooling: Natural Convection – No Fans are required
  • Cabinet: NEMA Type 1 enclosure,18 ga. powder painted CRS, 17.8” W x 17.6” H x 12.6” D
  • Weight: LM 32 (105 lbs.) LM52 (133 lbs.)

For full warranty details see our warranty data sheet

  • Evenlite Inc. warrants the LM series electronics assembly (except batteries) against defects in material and workmanship for a period of three years
  • Evenlite Inc. warrants the LC series Lead Calcium batteries carry a 1 year full, 9 year pro-rated limited warranty
  • The PL series Pure Lead batteries carry a 3 year full, 10 year pro-rated limited warranty.Tested and Listed by U.L. to UL924 and Canadian Standard C 22.2 No. 141-10
  • 10 year Lead Calcium or optional 20 year Pure Lead Batteries
  • New York City approved, Calendar Number 51575