The All New EMS750

The EMS Series is designed to provide 750 watts of emergency power to Incandescent, Fluorescent, Induction and/or LED fixtures. The EMS unit provides clean, sinusoidal AC output power allowing it to be remotely mounted up to 1,000 feet away from the controlled fixture(s).

Unlike a ballast fluorescent emergency pack, the EMS750 provides power to the input side of the fixture (including the fixture ballast) eliminating any chance of incompatibility. The EMS Series is designed for surface mounting. All EMS systems will provide emergency power output for a minimum of 90 minutes.


  • Input circuit breaker included as standard
  • For powering incandescent, fluorescent, induction and LED fixtures
  • Sinusoidal output eliminates compatibility problems
  • Universal 120/277VAC, 60Hz input/output
  • “Soft Start” design reduces fixture inrush current
  • Unit may be installed up to 1,000 feet from controlled fixture(s)
  • Lumen output from fixture is 100% of nominal
  • Unique design eliminates compatibility problems with LED drivers as well as fluorescent and induction ballasts
  • Compatible with dimming ballasts
  • Normally-ON and/or Normally-OFF load output
  • Provisions for local switching capability – Always on during emergency conditions regardless of local switch position
  • Emergency fixtures can be ON, OFF or SWITCHED
  • Solid-state, line latched low voltage disconnect provides protection against battery deep discharge
  • Long life, maintenance-free lead-calcium battery
  • Momentary test switch
  • AC-ON, Charge-ON and Inverter-ON LED indicators

True Sinusoidal Output Power



  • Input Voltages: Dual 120 or 277VAC ±10% (User selectable with two jumper wires provided)
  • Input Frequencies: 60Hz ±2%
  • Input Surge Protection: Meets UL924
  • Input Protection: Provided by Service Panel rated at 20 amps maximum
  • Input Breaker

  • Output Voltages: 120 or 277VAC, 60Hz
  • Efficiency Rating: 98% at full rated load (line)

    Waveform: Sinusoidal (digitally controlled)

    Static Voltage: ±5% during battery discharge. 0-100% linear load

    Output Frequencies: 60Hz ±0.3Hz during emergency cycle

    Output Distortion: Less than 3% THO (linear load)

    Transfer Time: Less than 1.0 second

    Load Power Factor Range: 0. 88 Lead to 0.88 Lag

    Minimum Loading: 0% of rated system capacity

    Output Protection: Circuit breaker and overload shut down protection


  • Connection to an unswitched AC circuit is required by the NEC. Wiring access is provided for by conduit knockouts in the unit housing

  • EMS model’s clean, sinusoidal AC output will operate incandescent lamps as well as all common fluorescent, induction and LED lamp types. Consult factory for compatibility with all other lamp types. Lighting loads are driven at 100% output for the entire emergency power cycle. This outstanding feature translates into greater occupant egress vision and safety

  • Surface mount models are designed for mounting to walls by means of keyhole slots provided in the back of the unit housing

  • Unit: Full coverage against defects in materials and workmanship for 3 years from date of shipment
  • Battery: 3 years full warranty plus an additional 7 years of pro-rata coverage
  • All models are UL924 Listed and meet NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, NEC, OSHA, Local and State Codes.
  • UL Listed for damp locations (20° to 30 °C)
  • Certified to CEC Under Title 20 regulations
  • FCC Part 15 Class A Compliant