Cold Weather-Rated Fluorescent Emergency Ballast

Works with or without an AC ballast to convert new or existing fluorescent fixtures in to unobtrusive emergency lighting. Operates one or two lamps in the emergency mode for a minimum of 90-minutes. Provides a maximum initial lumen output of 1400 lumens. Rated for extreme cold temperature applications (-20°C – +50°C). Durable painted steel construction in white finish. Compact design fits most fluorescent fixtures.


*When battery packs are remote mounted, the remote distance cannot exceed 1/2 of the distance from ballast to lamp specified by the A.C. ballast manufacturer. The maximum allowable remote mounting distance is 50 feet.
NOTE: In 2-lamp operation, lumens are equally split between the two lamps.
NOTE: Refer to the spec sheet for complete chart.



  • Charge rate/power “ON” LED indicator light and push-to-test switch for mandated code compliance testing
  • Internal solid-state transfer switch automatically connects the internal battery to fluorescent lamp(s) for minimum 90-minute emergency illumination
  • Fully automatic solid-state, two rate charger initiates battery charging to recharge a discharged battery in 24 hours
  • Time delay enhancement to overcome end-of-life circuit protection
  • Remote Mounting: Suitable for installation inside, on top or in remote* of the fixture
  • Can be used in both switched and unswitched fixtures
  • UL Listed for factory or field installation
  • Suitable for use in sealed and gasketed fixtures

  • Input Voltages: 120/277
  • Emergency Operation: 90 minutes
  • Initial Illumination: Provides a maximum initial lumen output of 1400 lumens
  • Operating Temp: Rated for extreme cold temperature applications (-20°C – +50°C)
  • Battery: 6V long life, maintenance-free, rechargeable sealed NiCd battery
  • Approval: UL Listed for factory or field installation

  • Meets UL924, NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, NEC, OSHA, Local and State Codes

  • 5-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship (Lamps excluded.)

  • Compatible with most one-, two-, three-, and four-lamp electronic standard and dimming AC ballasts
  • Operates one or two T5, T5HO, T8, T12, T8HO, T12HO, Circular T5/T9, U-bend T8/ T12, 4-Pin CFL and long CFL lamps in emergency mode. Refer to the chart below for a list of compatible lamps

  • 13.375” x 2.375” x 1.5”