Lifeline Custom Graphics

Self-luminous LL Series

Unique, Non-Electrical Self Luminous Sign internally illuminated by sealed tritium light source rated to 15 year useful life without the need for maintenance. Custom Graphics Stencil illumination with Opaque Background. Lifeline signs are recyclable at the end of the 15 year useful life.

Now Available with CTSA option which meets H.B. No. 5050, P.A. no. 16-78



  • Rugged thermoplastic, flame retardant ABS injection molded housing with tamper resistant finishing bezel
  • Requires no external light source, electrical power, wiring or batteries
  • 12 Year rated service life
  • 100% reliable, always on and maintenance free
  • Sealed internal construction prevents unauthorized access to light tubes
  • Heavy-duty universal mounting bracket supplied with hardware
  • Suitable for wall, ceiling, end mount or optional pendant mounting
  • Screen-printed internal legend protected by clear polycarbonate window
  • Suitable for clean room applications
  • Explosion proof (not a source of ignition)
  • Operating temperature -22°F – 149°F

  • Non-electrical sustained tritium light source

  • Illuminated area is max. 11.8” x 5.7”
  • 520 nm Green light output for maximum visibility up to 50 feet in darkness
  • Requires no external light source, electrical power, wiring or batteries

  • Meets requirements of B.S. 5499, Part 2 with minimum .52 cd/m luminance at end of rated life
  • Lifeline custom is suitable for use in hazardous atmospheres and damp locations
  • Meets NEC Article 500, Class 1,11 and 111 conditions
  • Licensed under state and federal regulations for distribution to General Licensees

  • Limited warranty for the rated service life of the product