Evenlite’s new LiteMinder Optimus, the epitome of industry excellence. The Optimus sets a new benchmark, delivering optimized power density in one of the smallest footprints available on the market. This breakthrough innovation not only maximizes valuable floor space but also provides unmatched flexibility for seamless integration into a wide range of applications. Experience the future of lighting technology with our LiteMinder Optimus and unlock a world of unparalleled efficiency and uncompromised convenience.


What’s New?
The Optimus model brings a strategic reduction in the space it occupies, achieved by introducing taller cabinets. The Optimus model brings added convenience to in-field wiring procedures. This has been accomplished through the incorporation of a swing-front door and an expanded wiring enclosure, streamlining the wiring process significantly.

Additionally, for improved breaker flexibility, the Optimus model is equipped to oversee a maximum of 36 breakers. This expanded capacity ensures greater adaptability to various power distribution configurations.

  • Modularity: The Optimus model has been thoughtfully engineered to provide greater versatility. In the context of single-phase units, the inverter modules offer incremental capacity options ranging from 13,300 to 17,000VA. For those seeking Two/Split Phase configurations, the inverter modules are available in capacity increments ranging from 8,500 to 13,300VA. Similarly, for enterprises requiring Three Phase compatibility, the Optimus model accommodates inverter modules with capacities ranging from 8,500 to an impressive 33,000VA, with comprehensive details outlined in the accompanying ordering guide.
  • Web Site Monitoring: Evenlite takes our proven reliability a step further by adding Lifeguard, the FREE, user-friendly, cloud-based monitoring system we incorporate into each inverter offering. The unique web interface constantly monitors the system status and records all essential data. Users can log on, view, interact and download records as needed. The factory can also monitor and diagnose remotely.
  • Diagnostics: In addition to Self-test, Self-Diagnostics, LiteMinder also includes unique startup diagnostics to aid in installation and maintenance: eight individual startup alarms (Communications, Set-Up Conflict, Low Battery, Back-feed, Transfer/AC Fuse, Short/Overload, Miswire, Incorrect AC Input) eight individual Charger Alarms and eight individual Inverter Alarms.



  • Increased capacity, up to 33kVA
  • Decreased floorspace requirements, taller cabinets
  • Automatic restart upon utility power return, no need to manually reset the system
  • Input circuit breaker is provided sized to system rating
  • Monthly and the annual 90-minute test can be programmed by the user for a specific date and time to ensure NFPA Code Compliance
  • Up to 1000 events stored in the memory log on a “FIFO” basis, and is easily accessible through the MMI (Man-Machine Interface) Panel
  • MMI consists of a 5-button keypad for easy menu navigation
  • A 4×20 backlit White display with heads-up LED’s allow for a quick diagnosis of the system status and alarms
  • Five LED indicators provide the status of the Inverter, Charger, AC present, Ready, and Switched Load (if provided with Switched Output Circuit Breakers)
  • An additional six LED indicators provide the alarm status for Alarm Summary, Bypass (if equipped with Maintenance Bypass option) , CB Trip, Startup Fault, Charger Fault, and Inverter Fault
  • A dedicated System Test button is provided for a user initiated 30 second on demand test
  • An Alarm On/Off LED is provided to indicate that an alarm is present
  • A dedicated Alarm Silence On/Off push button allows the user to silence the audible alarm
  • SD card slot allows the user to download all Test, Event and Alarm Logs
  • The Meter Menu allows the user to access the Input and Output Voltages, Output Current, Output VA, Battery Voltage, Battery Current, Battery Power, Temperature, System Days, Inverter minutes and Inverter Events
  • The inverter and battery cabinets are constructed from 14-gauge CRS and are powder painted with no visible hardware
  • Internally, the inverter has all galvanized or painted steel parts and shelves to resist corrosion and provide high durability and longevity
  • Installer friendly front mounted battery terminals for easier and faster installation with a swing-front door
  • Three Rate Charger circuit is fully temperature compensated for added reliability
  • PWM MOSFET and IGBT ( Model Dependant) Inverter provide Pure Sine Wave output with less than 3% THD, and fully compatible with LED Lighting Loads
  • Fast transfer for H.I.D. compatibility ensures smooth operation of combined lighting loads, transfers in less than 2 mS
  • Less than 3% THD, load power factor 0.5 Lag to 0.5 Lead, 98% efficient in standby mode
  • Automatic Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) set at 1.67 VPC
  • Shorted circuit protected to 65KAIC tested and approved to UL 6180-5-1 standard
  • Crest factor >4 for high inrush demanding loads, overload 120 percent for 10 minutes, 400 percent for 500mS
  • VRLA Maintenance Free Lead Calcium Battery’s provide the required 90 minute minimum run time in Emergency mode
  • Battery recharge time is less than 24 hours, meets all UL 924 and NFPA101 Life Safety Code requirements
  • Operating temperature 20˚ to 30˚ C
  • Brownout protection set for 85% of the nominal line voltage
  • UL924 compliant Self-Test/Self-Diagnostics are standard, with interactive LCD display (MMI)
  • Listed to UL924, and meets NFPA101 Life Safety Code,
    NFPA70-NEC and OSHA Requirements
  • Electronics are warranted for 2 years and the VRLA batteries have a 10 year warranty, optional factory startup increases the warranty to 3 years