PF 50 Series Photoluminescent Exit

PF Series Photoluminescent Exit

The PF series is offered with a framed open face design and provide’s easy installation and maintenance free operation, with an expected life of 25+ years. Sustainable design lends itself to green buildings and the PF series ARE recyclable at the end of their useful life.

PF is rated for 50 foot rated viewing distance and require‘s only 5 foot-candles (54 lux) of light for activation during times of building occupancy.



  • PF Series is constructed using an open face design with a black plastic frame and PVC photoluminescent panel
  • Open face design allows for the use of red or green letters and provides high contrast and visibility
  • 6” letter with 3/4” stroke, single face wall mount
  • Universal field applicable chevron directional indicators are included with each sign
  • Low profile single face wall mount is suitable for over the door or low mounting requirements
  • Signs can be easily relocated in the event of building renovations or changes in the path of egress

  • Activation requires only 5 foot-candles (54 lux) of unfiltered fluorescent lighting for 60 minutes (must be externally illuminated during normal building occupation)

  • PF series photo luminescent exit signs are LEED point qualified and recyclable at the end of their useful life
  • Tested and listed to UL 924, meets NFPA 101 Life Safety Code and OSHA requirements

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