Photoluminescent Exit Signs

PF, PH, Photoluminescent
A sustainable product featuring a 25+ year lifespan, zero energy usage, and use of recyclable materials.

PF, PH, Photoluminescent

The PH Series Photoluminescent exit signs is housed in an attractive white ABS housing and the PF series is offered with a framed open face design. Both signs provide easy installation and maintenance free operation, with an expected life of 25+ years. Sustainable design lends itself to green buildings and both the PH and PF series are recyclable at the end of their useful life.

PF is rated for 50 Ft. viewing, while PH is rated for 100 Ft. viewing. Both signs require only 5 foot-candles (52lux) of light for activation during times of building occupancy, and PH is now listed for use with LED lighting.