Remote Test Switch & Monitor (RT Option)

Remote Test Switch and Monitor option allows the user to fully monitor the status of the sine wave inverter from a remote location. The user can now locate the inverter away from public areas in schools or other public access buildings where there may be a concern with unauthorized entry to the system.

* For the PW and PWII Inverter Lines ONLY




  • Full system status display, including infrared receiver, test buttons, self-diagnostic LED Indicators, buzzer and system status LED’s
  • Clear easy to read and distinguish from other equipment monitors
  • Remote Test Monitor can be used with the TLRT
    infrared hand held remote option for ease of on demand testing
  • Remote display installs easily in a standard switch box
  • Quick interconnect from inverter to remote test panel with Cat. 5 cable (not provided)
  • RJ 45 connection points provided on inverter and remote test display pc boards
  • Remote Test Display can be mounted up to 100’ from the inverter, consult factory for greater distances
  • Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting